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Potrero Hydroelectric Power Plant

Plants in Operation

Potrero Power Plant is a 19.9 MW hydroelectric power plant located in the Crisnejas river in San Marcos, Cajamarca in northern Peru.

The power plant was built by Empresa Electrica Agua Azul S.A., a subsidiary controlled by Aluz, during 2015 and 2016.

Potrero Hydroelectric Power Plant

Technical Data

Production 140,000 MWh/Año

Capacity 19.9 MW

Head 130 mts.

Flow 18.2 m³/s

Tunnel 2.0 Kms.

Line 60 kV 5 Kms.

The energy and power generated by Potrero is sold to the Sistema Electrico Interconectado Nacional del Peru, through a long term Renewable Energy Rider Contract (RER).

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